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How to Log in with Google / Import Google Classes

Is your district using google classroom? You can easily import your classes into Defined STEM with a few clicks.
Note: This document assumes you already have Google Classroom classes setup with students

  1. Log in using Google – Go to https://app.definedstem.com to log in and click the Google Login button Google Login on Defined Learning 
  2. Go to My Classes homepage My Classes 
  3. Click Import Classes – Google Classroom may ask for permission to grant classroom access to Defined STEM. Follow the prompts as required. Import Classes 
  4. Choose the Class(es) to import – A list of  Google Import Classes Buttonlist of your Google Classroom Classes should show up here. 
  5. Verify the class imported correctly – Once everything looks right, you are able to assign directly to these students in the assign/share step of the project.Google Class 
  6. You are done! Your students can now access their projects by logging in via Google at the student URL shown at the top of your My Projects

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