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My Classes

The My Classes dashboard is useful for a few reasons:

  • Organize, create, and adding classes and/or teams (this may have been done for you already)
  • Add/Edit/Remove students from classes and teams
  • Viewing student portfolios and submitted work
  • Accessing the student view for an individual student
  • Sharing your class with a co-teacher or another colleague
  • Viewing the gradebook

Creating Classes and/or teams

Depending on your district, classes may have been completed for you. To create a new class or team, click the associated button for each.

Add New Class

New Team

Add/Remove Students from Classes

To Add students, click the “Add Student” button on the dashboard above the selected class’s section.

The add student dialog allows you to add students from  your previously created students or those in the district repository (an uploaded list of students). If you do not have a repository or the new student is not a part of the repository, click “Create New” and fill out the following form.

Add Student

To add students to teams. Click the plus sign next to the associated team.

To Remove a student click on “Edit” next to the students name and then “Remove from Class”.

Viewing Student Portfolios and Submitted Work

Click on the “Student Portfolio” button to see the portfolio view of a students work. Portfolios are arranged by school year. You can select a school year at the top of each portfolio to view.

Student Portfolio

Accessing the Student View

Click on the “Login As” link next to a student’s name to enter their dashboard and access their projects.

Sharing a Class with a co-teacher

Inside of each class at the top-right corner you will see a button to “Share Class”.  Sharing a class will allow another teacher to see your class and grade submissions.  The shared class will show up on their My Classes dashboard.

Viewing the Gradebook

Click on “My Gradebook” above the classes section.  You will see a list of students and corresponding projects. Projects are broken into their individual products.  The rubric score is shown as the student’s grade. Click on “Create” if you wish to create a submission for that particular student/project.

My Gradebook


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