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Class and Student Rostering Options

There are many ways to roster your students supported by Defined STEM.

  1. Google Classroom (Teacher based) – Follow the tutorial on setting up students from Google Classroom
  2. Classlink (District Based) – Districts utilizing Classlink are automatically available to sync with us using the OneRoster format. Districts just need to request Defined STEM through their Classlink interface.
  3. Clever (District Based) – Districts can request Defined STEM through Clever.
  4. Manual Entry through My Classes (Teacher based) – Follow the My Class setup tutorial.
  5. LTI compliant tool provider (District/Teacher) –  This method utilizes a single sign on process. Students aren’t available to the teacher until they log in for the first time utilizing an LTI link provided by Defined STEM in the assign/share step.
  6. SAML/ADFS (District Based) – Contact Us to setup this method for your district if needed.

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