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Assigning/Sharing your project

There are numerous ways to assign or share your project.  You can assign directly to a class, student, or team.

Note 1: If you assign to a team, keep in mind there will be a single product submission and check-in answers for the entire team. Each student who logs in will see the teams work and can add/edit it as needed.

Note 2: If you assign individual products using links or assigning directly, check-ins will be unique to each product even though the check-in questions within the project may be the same. The reasoning is we would expect student answers on check-ins to be specific to a single product when assigning this way.

Assign Directly to Students

Assigning directly to students in your classrooms is the easiest method for sharing the project. Click on Add Student to assign a student to the project. Once students log in to their dashboards they will see the project for them to work on. This requires students being setup ahead of time. Your district may have done this step for you, otherwise you can create classes and students in My Classes. The student dashboard link for your district is shown in the grey box. Direct your students to that link where the will log in.

Assign Directly


Using the link provided you can give access to your students through any webpage or LMS system of your choice.  After clicking the link, students will be directed to the project. Unless they are assigned directly, students will not be “assigned” to the project until they log-in to complete a student check-in or submit a product. You will not be able to see a student in the student progress section until they log-in.

Share via Link to students

Share with Groups

You can share projects with teacher groups in this section. You are automatically added to your school group. In addition, you have the ability to create your own teaching groups.

Add to Folder

Adding to a folder allows you to organize projects and further share them.

Next Steps

Once your students have the project available you can guide them through the project and view their progress.



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