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Evaluating and Assessing Student Work

The assessment process includes both evaluating the design process through student check-ins and assessing the submitted products students or teams create.

To begin go to the My Projects page by clicking the link in the top blue bar. If there is submitted work, you will see a number on the link highlighting how many submissions need to be evaluated.

My Projects Button

In the My Projects dashboard you will see all of the projects you have created or those created for you by your district. In addition, you will be able to see, at a glance, recently submitted work across all of your projects in the Latest Activity section.  You can access the recently submitted work from this screen, but for this tutorial we will focus on the single project view. Find the project you wish to assess and click the associated student progress icon (the 3 squiggly lines). Alternatively, if you click on the project name, you can just go to the Student Progress tab once there. Other options for this dashboard include direct links to preview project, customizing project, assign/share projects, and archiving projects.

Student Progress Button

The Recent Submissions section is a queue of projects that have been submitted by your students.  Again, you can evaluate directly from here or in the student progress section of a single project. The color coding is as follows:

  • No highlight means project was assigned but not submitted, or returned to the student.
  • Red highlight shows submissions not graded.
  • Green highlight shows submissions that have been scored.

Recent Submissions Section of My Projects

Student Progress

Once you are in the student progress view, click on the plus sign to open up an individual student.  Note that if products are assigned or linked to individually, they will show up as individual blocks for each product.  In this scenario, each check-in is required to be put in for each individual project.  The reasoning is that the questions may be the same for the overall project, but product specific answers would be expected, especially in the design process section.

Student Progress

A view of the individual product assigning layout both the Survey and Cost Analysis products in this project have been assigned individually:


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