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Customizing your project

Once you have selected a project it’s time to customize it for your specific learning goals. At a minimum we require you to choose one or more products to assign. Each product has it’s own learning objectives so usually we recommended choosing 1-2 products. To begin, click on the customize tab. You will be directed to a new workflow for customizing a new version of your selected project.

The first step is Project Setup. Here you will name your new version and choose the products you are wishing to assign out. Clicking on each product will give you an overview of the product (also seen in the Project Preview step).  It is recommended to select 1-2 products for students to work on.

Customizing your project

After completing the Project Setup you are brought to the Edit Task step. At this point a new version has been created by you. You are free to use it as is, or continue customizing it. If you just wish to Assign/Share it out, click the tab at the top of the screen. Each section of the task is editable by clicking on the associated text.

Edit task

Student Check-ins provide accountability and data throughout the project, making sure students are on task and following the design process.  You can add or remove the pre-built questions aligned to each product or alternatively add your own questions.

Skills & Standards allow you to select evaluation criteria by selecting specific state-standards or specific skills. Your district may have loaded specific skills that they want you to evaluate against.

Skills & Standards

When you are finished customizing, proceed to the Assign/Share step.



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