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Finding your project

There are four main ways to find the perfect project for your class. Four main search options

  1. Subject/Topic: Search projects by subject and topic. Each product within a project is aligned to our taxonomy. Choosing a subject will also display a list of topics to further narrow your selection.
  2. Gradeband: Search projects by grade band. Projects are given a default grade as a guiding point. You may find projects across multiple grades that may fit your curriculum needs or you can customize the project to more clearly match your learning goals.
  3. Recommended Projects: Recommended projects are those which your district/school curriculum team have specifically chosen for you. They may be chosen individually or shown across units of study.
  4. STEM Toolbox: Search projects that align to your state standards and access valuable resources such as our career videos, blog, and more!

Search Results

The search results screen will show a list of projects matching your criteria. Hovering over a project will show the matching products inside and a description of each. You may further filter your results with the search options area on the right side. Select a project to launch the project view screen and begin customizing your project. Search Results and Options  

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